Dan Delgado

Dates 2017

January 6                Molly Malones      Los Angeles California with Los Stellarians

January 17               Lodi, CA                "Lobster Feed" appearing with local high school band

January 20             NAMM After Party Location TBA with the former Derby Horns

Jan 26-Feb             Pacific Princess    Honolulu, Hawaii to Pago Pago, America Somoa **Horn Of Plenty**

February 10-17        Sea Princess        Ushuaia-Buenos Aries, Argentina  **Horn Of Plenty**

March 2-6               311 Caribbean Cruise  Tampa, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico with Los Stellrians 

March 18-23            Island Princess     Cabo San Lucas to Puntarenas Costa Rica **Horn Of Plenty**

April 27-May 4        Island Princess     Puntarenas, Costa Rica-Los Angeles  **Horn Of Plenty**

May 10-18                Crystal Serenity    Los Angeles to Loreto, Mexico  **Horn Of Plenty





More Dates To Come



Tour Dates 2016


March 4-9              Star Princess        Punta Arenas, Chile

March 11-19            Grand Princess    Honolulu, Hawaii - San Francisco, California

April 1-5                 Coral Princess      Limon, Costa Rica - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida     

April 10-17              Grand Princess     Lahaina, Hawaii - San Francisco, California  

April 25- May 3      Ruby Princess      Honolulu, Hawaii - Los Angeles, California

May 8-14                Star Princess        Lahaina, Hawaii - Vancouver, Canada

July 31                    Imola                    Huntington Beach, CA *appearing with the band Better Chemistry

October 5-11           Tokyo/Osaka Japan  Billboard Live with Los Stellarians

November 12-16    Celebrity Infinity   Cartagena, Colombia - Punta Arenas, Costa Rica 

December 5-11/2016 Star Princess     San Pedro, CA to Honolulu Hawaii