Dan Delgado is a trumpeter/vocalist from Southern California. He picked up the trumpet at age 10 and after 20 years he is still going for it. Dan studied with many teachers around Southern California but it wasn’t until he entered college that he was under the teaching of Dr. Mark Garrabrant that he decided it was time to get serious. In the last 8 years Dan could be found playing as a side man in many jazz ensembles, big bands, top 40 groups and even in latin horn sections. But what he really loves to do is be a front man and. He performed at Disneyland in Anaheim California for almost 5 years, the famous Carnegie Hall in New York and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles California to name a few.

"I am very lucky and thankful to be able to travel the world and bring my horn and passion to everyone who will listen." Dan Delgado

 Dan is proud to bring you his show titled Horn of Plenty where he plays and sings many hits from the great Louis Armstrong and the other trumpet kings of our time. It’s full of great music, dancing, singing and most importantly the trumpet!!


Dan plays on a Kanstul 1537 Bb Trumpet

and an Andalucía Expresion Flugelhorn